The Australian Institute for Maritime Archaeology teaches a 4-part course on maritime archaeology in conjunction with the Nautical Archaeology Society. I am currently working through the stages to become a tutor for this course, which involves presenting all of the lectures that are run as a part of the two-day course.

As I mentioned last time, I am not a maritime archaeologist and presenting the lecture on ship construction was difficult, do you have any idea how many different parts of a ship there are? Luckily, to help me learn them, I wrote a ship-parts sea shanty, because I like a shanty

Now I have no musical ability so I stole the tune and structure from a performer named Shep Woolley. He is a comedian and performer and ex-member of the Royal Navy. In an odd coincidence Shep will be the subject of my next post so more on him later.

Have a listen here to get a feel for the tune and tempo I appropriated. Got it, right. For your gratification and to help teach you what makes up ship I give you, Roll on the Tide (chorus on the left following verse on the right).

Roll on the tide boys                    The stempost is at
Roll on the tide                              The bow of the ship
I’ve found an old shipwreck           It runs to the bowsprit
Lyin on her side                             Also known as the jib
What are the bits                          The hawsehole lets
I see before me                              The anchor chain run out
And what exactly                          To stop the ship
Is a hanging knee                         From floating about

Roll on the tide boys                     The anchor can act
Roll on the tide                               To help date a ship
I’ve found an old shipwreck           Admiralty, Patent
Lyin on her side                            And Wasteneys Smith
What are the bits                          Under the water
I see before me                              The chain can be found
And what exactly                          Extended out
Is a lodging knee                          Or in a big mound

Roll on the tide boys                    Then there’s the keel
Roll on the tide                              So strong and so broad
I’ve found an old shipwreck           It runs down the ship
Lyin on her side                             Between port and starboard
What are the bits                          It tells the length
I see before me                              Of the ship that we’re on
And what exactly                          Its internal member
Is a standing knee                        Is called a keelson

Roll on the tide boys                    The rudder is found
Roll on the tide                              Attached to the stern
I’ve found an old shipwreck           With pintles and gudgeons
Lyin on her side                             It helps the ship turn
What are the bits                          With chain or hydraulic
I see before me                              The tiller helps us get far
And what exactly                          But what’s a Worm Drive
Is a dagger knee                            A bloody small car

Roll on the tide boys                     Now engines have boilers
Roll on the tide                               Funnels and gears
I’ve found an old shipwreck           They can be steeple
Lyin on her side                             Diagonal, Side Levers
What are the bits                           Grasshopper, Oscillating
I see before me                               Beam and Compound
And what exactly                           Reuses the steam
Is a composite knee                      A second time round

Roll on the tide boys                    So at last we have a
Roll on the tide                              Collection of knees
I’ve found an old shipwreck          Hanging and Lodging
Lyin on her side                             Dagger, Standing you see
What are the bits                          As a structural supports
I see before me                              To reinforce hulls and decks
And what exactly                          They’re spotted all round
Is a bloody knee                            All types of wrecks

Roll on the tide boys
Roll on the tide
I’ve found an old shipwreck
Lyin on her side
Now my songs done
Sung with some pride
All that’s left is to say
Roll on the tide

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 Shep Woolley or more on Sea Shanties.

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