Ever wondered what heritage is and how does it apply to you? Or are you just interested in learning about what we have in common. This blog is to help expand our understanding of heritage and how it shapes us and who we are.

This blog will try to help expel some of the myths around heritage and take a look at the heritage landscape of Australia. How can we identify the heritage we see around us every day, heritage at risk and the stories that make up our history and past.

Apart from what I can offer I will be beg, blag and borrow stories and guest blogs from industry professionals, academics and well anyone who has a story about their heritage – which is well everyone.

My name is Gary and as an archaeologist and heritage professional for over a decade I have seen and worked on a wide variety of sites. From sandstone buildings to major archaeological landscapes I can bring a unique perspective on viewing and engaging with our heritage.

In return I ask that in reading this blog you think about and question your own notions of what heritage is and also make me question mine.

Contact me anytime on heritagegest@yahoo.com